Youth Worker Volunteering

The Drop In Centre employs one part time youth worker and a cleaner, which means it relies heavily on over a dozen regular volunteers. Volunteer youth workers are vital in helping run the three evening sessions at the Drop-In Centre.  Youth work at the Drop-In Centre appeals to our volunteers for a wide range of reasons.  Among these are being part of a team, taking part in activities they might not otherwise do, befriending young people from the local community, enriching their own work and life experience, keeping in touch with a different generation, enhancing their own C.V., gaining an opportunity for a work reference in the future, and giving something back to their community.  

The more diverse the range of adults in the team of Youth Workers, the more itcan offer to the wide range of young people who attend the Drop in Centre. The youth workers at the Drop in Centre are a precious resource.  If you think you would like to find out more about joining the team, please call or email the Drop in Centre, with no obligation.

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